WG3J- 160/80/40 meter multi-band antenna this antenna is 124 feet total length and compares very closely to a full size dipole will take legal limit plus and can be mounted in an inverted V or dipole configuration.  These are not easy to build without a dip meter and analyzer at a minimum. You can buy these antennas ready to put up for $325 Shipped anywhere in USA .  They are made from #12 copper wire using only top quality materials and insulators. Completely ready to attach your coax and pull up in the air.

Option 2 build your own if you have a dip meter and are technically inclined. Google W8NX trap antenna limited space dipole antenna.  Please note since we have streamlined the process you will probably not save any money by building it yourself by the time you go thru the process from start to finish.

1/2 WAVE DIPOLE FOR 160 use length = 468/ fMHz and if you have enough space to put up approximately 260 feet of wire you will be rewarded with a very good signal on the band (hard to beat a good dipole) we use a heavy duty 1:1 balun and number 12 wire or larger to gain as much bandwidth as possible making sure all connections are soldered and seal taped for maximum durability and performance.

We build these ready to install and hook up your feed line for $275.00 shipped USA only. Or build your own. You can the above directions and formula and tune for your desired portion of the band antenna.



My personal favorite is the DOUBLE BAZOOKA

THE DOUBLE BAZOOKA IS LARGELY MISUNDERSTOOD it is just simply a half wave dipole that uses a half wavelength electrically of coax to help offset the reactance introduced as you move across the band causing it to have a wider bandwidth and using insulated wire and coax makes it a quiet receive antenna compared to a normal dipole. You can use the formula 325 divided by the frequency in megahertz to determine the length for a given frequency for low bands use RG-58U or similar due to the weight factor then use the formula length = 460/MHz Then subtract the coaxial length from the overall to determine the length of end wires for which you may use a single wire, make a cage end section from multiple wires or 450 ohm line as ends. We can build theses antennas in a bullet proof strong configuration tuned for your preferred part of the band for a 160 meter version they run $350.00 Shipped anywhere in the USA

For more information and how to order these antennas contact Eric WG3J here

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