Antenna grease for the G5RV

Do you have one of those GV5RV antennas that you hear everyone 59 but no one else can hear you better than 4x4 or less?

Well, do not panic we have the solution for you.

Why not try our special 1865 antenna grease? This stuff originally came out in the early 1960s and it was developed by the Department of Defense for the armed Services from secrets obtained from German Scientists after WWII. It was mainly used in the field on handheld units, tripling their range.

It was a closely guarded secret by the Nazis and it is believed the Nazis discovered the secret during their search through Vimanas of Ancient India.

When the FCC found out some amateur radio supply outlets had purchased a sizable quantity of the RF grease through US Army & Navy surplus Auctions, the FCC outlawed the sale of it in the US.

What the RF grease Does is make your signal slide out your antenna faster and with less friction. Because of this, you get less RF friction (hysteresis).

The Results are: lower SWR readings & increased power handling, the faster moving RF signal builds up a tremendous RF inertia, resulting in a Higher DB gain on your signal, (like a slingshot effect throwing a faster & larger signal) (typically 3.8-4.7 db gain) and 4x the power handling capacity. Modulation & SSB benefit from a whopping 6 dB gain. over an untreated isotropic dipole antenna lasts for about 6 months then, just wipe off any old grease and put some new on.

This is probably the best-kept secret in amateur radio! The guys at the shoot-out won’t tell you about this amazing secret! Triple the RF output of a 200-watt box to 600 ERP, etc... (effective radiated power) This RF grease also causes a very cool side effect if you feed over 100 watts into a treated antenna you will see a cool purplish-pink halo glowing around your antenna on key up at night, pulsating with your modulation! (not to cool for the military, this is why they stopped using it!)

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